CSR Initiatives

Hybrid Solutions has an approach for Corporate Social Responsibility, that contributes to sustainable development
by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits in conjunction with Sudhaar Foundation.

Sudhaar Foundation is an NGO entity with focus on bridging the gap between technology and social change. It was founded on the belief that there is considerable gap between the technology that is available on hand and people it can serve. Through Crowd Sourcing, Verification, Open Information, Helpdesk Support, we help people to connect with the information and support they are seeking, especially women and children.

Helping Women and Children to Speak Up - We believe that support is the first and most important step to Ending Violence against Women and Children in India. We at Sudhaar Foundation work our best for Women and Children in distress. Sudhaar Foundation’s approach is practical: addressing the physical, psychological, emotional and social areas toward total recovery.

If you want to find out the nearest restaurant that can deliver Chinese cuisine at your door steps, all you have to do is search for them online and with a few clicks you are connected to them. But, if you are a woman who is being subjected to Domestic Violence or harassment, it is not easy for you to find a support number where you will get any response. We at Sudhaar Foundation are trying our best solving this problem. We try to make people aware so that those in need get help via our voluteers with best possible means.

At Sudhaar Foundation our vision is to develop new models of social development based on the philosophy of frugal innovation. We are a diverse group comprising of different backgrounds and experiences but a common passion to make a difference.We are field-oriented with a keen interest in bringing about real and replicable social change.

We see the spirit of public private partnership as the way forward to demonstrate sustainable innovations in Education, Livelihoods, Climate and Social entrepreneurship and work with a wide spectrum of donors, partners, service providers, NGOs and Government. Through these strategic partnerships we ensure delivery of co-created and co-managed initiatives with an emphasis on building sustainable local self-reliance. We aim to create a common language and approach to partnering for change in the social sector based on three core principles: Equity (where everyone’s contribution is valued and respected); Transparency (where partners deal with each other in an open and honest manner) and Mutual Benefit (where it is legitimate for all partners to expect a 'return' for their own organization / sector).

You can call us believers, optimists, heretics, catalysts or even smile-chasers! At the end though it’s only our work that defines us, and you can know more about that here.